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Five tips for moving house

Five tips for moving house

Some say that the actual house move is one of the most stressful events of all, so be prepared for the whole process long before you begin.
The trick to a successful move is forward planning.  Long before you sell your house and pay the deposit on your dream home, you should already be making arrangements for moving day.
It’s common that you’ll need to be out of your house by 12pm, so it’s important to be swift and organised.
Print off our moving house checklist to make sure that you are as geared up as possible for moving day.
The more last-minute jobs you leave yourself to do on the day, the more likely you are to find it stressful.  Here are our five top tips on moving house, getting organised, and reducing the stress of completion day.

Five tips for moving house as smoothly as possible

1. Send kids and pets away for the day
Moving house is stressful as it is, let alone when you have children and pets getting under your and the removal men’s feet!  Also accidents can easily happen with so much activity with in such a close proximity.  It is definitely worth speaking to friends or relatives to ask if they can look after them for a few hours.
2. Pack a box of essentials
Pack a clearly labelled box of essentials, which should be kept separate to the rest of the boxes for easy access.  You should include items such as toilet roll, light bulbs, tea making equipment, scissors, toiletries, pen and paper, torch, first aid kit and a few pieces of basic cutlery and crockery.
3. Get last-minute things ready early on the morning
Strip the beds first thing and pack them into a box that you’ve set aside, so they’re easy to unpack on the other side.  Make sure that you put sheets down to protect the floor (particularly by the front door) to protect the floor as people traipse dirt in and out.  The removal men will turn up early and they tend to work fast, so it is useful to be one step ahead.  With this in mind, make sure that you dismantle furniture and disconnect appliances the day before.
Also you will want to do a final clean, so set aside the vacuum cleaner and cleaning equipment for your last-minute clear up.  We would actually recommend that it is better to ask a friend or cleaner to do this for you.
4. Keep everyone informed
If you’re using a removal firm, make sure they have the colour-coded layout of your new home.  Arrange for permission for the removal vans to park outside the property, check the foreman knows the brief and get his mobile number in case of emergencies.
Also make sure you keep a list of key phone numbers with you, including your bank, solicitor, estate agent, mortgage lender and friends and family – just in case you need urgent help
5. Don’t expect to unpack too much on the first night
On moving day, don’t expect to unpack anything but the bare essentials as you will probably be very tired:  bedding and a meal (although you will probably prefer a takeaway).
It can help the family settle in by making the new place feel like home as soon as possible.  One way to do this is to set aside a stock of pictures, so take some picture hooks and a hammer, other familiar objects and, if possible, curtains.
The surroundings will feel more like your home, which can lift everyone’s spirits at a time when you are most likely feeling tired and drained.
At Michael Tuck Estate Agents we have been selling homes since 1983.  So if you require any advice or are considering selling your property please feel free to contact your local Michael Tuck Estate Agency Office in Gloucester, Worcester and Swindon.
Also feel free to read our guides for viewing property and making an offer on property.

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