Welcome to your new home!

Our wish is for you to be happy in your new home over the next few months / years, so we strongly recommend that you carefully read the following information so you understand the procedures when you rent a property through Michael Tuck Lettings Ltd.

Please see a copy of the NRLA Condensation Factsheet here!

On entry:


Check the inventory thoroughly.  You have seven days to make representations on the accuracy of the inventory (if applicable).  Particular attention should be paid to the condition of articles, because this is the greatest area of potential dispute between landlord and tenant at the end of the tenancy.  Note whether there are marks on the walls, state of the carpets, curtains and other soft furnishings, as well as the more obvious items such as cleanliness of WC, pans, cooker, fridge, gardens etc.


The gas, electricity, water, council tax and any other charges are the tenant’s responsibility as well as any transfer charges, deposits etc. connected with this, all tenants are responsible for contacting the various utility companies to inform them of your occupation.

During the Tenancy

Repairs: read the owner’s ‘Useful Information Notes’ (if any) to see if there are any particular warranty contracts for the central heating unit, washing machine, dishwasher and other appliances before calling someone out.  Remember, an unnecessary call-out will result in a charge being made.  Better still; telephone Michael Tuck first to check the correct procedure.

For all repairs such as plumbing, electrical and building problems, contact the agent first, so that we can contact the landlord and act accordingly, unless the owner has left instructions to the contrary.

Installation: If there was no cooker supplied with the property and you are installing your own gas cooker, you must have it fitted by a qualified ‘Gas Safe’ engineer.  If the gas cooker or any other gas or electrical item is installed incorrectly you could be putting your life at risk as well as invalidating any home or contents insurance policy

Property Visits: during the tenancy, we will carry out property visits for two main reasons:  firstly, to ensure that the property is being maintained to a high standard and also to gain feedback from yourselves.  A report will then be sent to the Landlord.  We shall inform you of the date and time of property visits giving plenty of notice.  It is not necessary for you to be in attendance, unless you specifically wish to do so.

Giving notice: strictly speaking, unless there is a break clause, the legal tenant cannot escape liability for the full period of the tenancy.  If you continue to rent the property after the initial period of the tenancy you must give at least one months notice in writing from the day of the month the tenancy started.

Renewing the agreement: sometimes, but not always, it is possible to renew the tenancy agreement.  Most of our tenancy agreements are based on a minimum period of six or twelve months and continue thereafter on a month-by-month basis.  To vacate the property, you should read the notice period required on the ‘Tenancy Agreement’ or contact us for further information.


On expiry of the tenancy:

Once you have vacated, we will visit the property.  This check is done in conjunction with the inventory provided to you at the start of the tenancy and we then invite the landlord to do a final check on the property.  If all parties are happy with the condition, then the deposit will then be returned to you.


Remember as the agent, we are here to help you, and to this end, should there be any queries, problems or requests for repairs, the tenant should contact us and we will try our best to sort out any problem quickly and efficiently.

Our Main offices are 2 Mead Road, Abbeymead, Gloucester, GL4 5GL or 1 School Lane, Quedgeley, Gloucester, GL2 4PJ.


Thank you for reading these notes and we hope you enjoy living in your new home.